Friday, 29 July 2016

Hexi Madness!

As stated in the last post, I promised to show you my hexies that I had got started for my Dropped Diamonds Quilt, designed by Tacha Breucher.

The first one is the first full hexi block in pinks/reds. This is as big as any of the blocks will get and I only needed to make one of these. The second, smaller, blue one is just the start of two blue blocks I need to make, that won't be so complete. They miss a few hexies in the corner, where the border will interject.

I'm thread basting my hexies, as I prefer this to glueing. I tried glueing and found it made my needle all sticky and hard to sew through. So I changed where I did the glueing, so that it wouldn't be near the ladder stitch, but I found that it didn't hold the fabric as well, it kept unfolding and I was also getting glue all over my fingers! When you start sticking to everything, you lose your temper very quickly! And as sewing is meant to be relaxing, I stick with thread basting.

I choose not to sew through the papers, I just tack a stitch on each corner fold and that works very well for me, then I hold the pieces flat to ladder stitch. This makes the hexies easier to hold and sew.

This week, I ordered some more hexi papers. I thought I'd ordered more one inch papers, but I must not have been concentrating because when they arrived, they were two inch papers and huge! Lol. Never mind, I will put them to good use. Because of their size, I thought I might (at some future point) make some pieced hexies (a la Mickey Dupre in her book Pieced Hexies and Pieced Hexies Deux) and I think they will work very well that way.

I've also been looking on Pinterest at hexi quilts and trying to design my own. I'm not very good at my own designs, but I've been looking at some other peoples and you can see the ones I like here. Visually, I'm going to use hexi graph paper to plan them out, in case I want to reproduce them.

So do you sew hexies? Have you designed your own piece? What are you working on right now? I'd love to see or hear all about it. Please leave a comment and let me know!

Happy sewing,

Louisa xxx

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