Monday, 20 June 2016

Tumbler Leaders & Enders Challenge!

I finished my top! My Bonnie Hunter tumbler Leader's and Ender's Challenge is done. Well, the top anyway. The tumblers were two and a half inches and each had either an animal, a flower or a pattern, say spots, checks, stripes, etc on it and there is one single tumbler with an ant on it. So I've called this, I Spy An Ant quilt.

What do you think?

I edged it in red, so all I need to do now, is sandwich it, quilt it and bind it. That should take me a few days, fitting it in around everything else, but I'm so pleased to finally have a finish!

Also, last Sunday (19th June) I went to the National Quilt Championships at Sandown Park. This year, there was a fabulous array of different quilts, all different styles, all different techniques and some of the work was exquisite, from hand quilted to hand pieced, I was in awe and totally inspired by what I saw. Here are a few from that show (none of these quilts are mine, credit goes to the maker)

 This one was tiny half inch hexagons, totally hand pieced and each flower centre was fixed with a button.

This was made by the same lady (Gretchen) and you can't see from the picture quality, but again, they were all tiny half inch hexagons, centred with a button. The colour on this one was magnificent and those blue buttons radiating from the centre were totally eye-catching.

I loved this one, mainly because I adore purple, but all the cathedral windows had been hand-sewn and then it was machine-quilted. So rich, beautifully scalloped edges, too.

But this one was my favourite and as you can see, it got two rosettes. The colour was very oceanic and I could totally see this design painted on a ceiling. The attention to detail was astounding.

It was a great quilty weekend and I can't wait for next year's!

Happy sewing!

Louisa xxx