Sunday, 17 April 2016

Leaders and Enders progress

First, let me thank everyone who tried to help me with my sewing machine woes of last week. It was something to do with the bobbin and the way it had been wound. I loaded a fresh bobbin and put that in and the stitching went right back to normal! Phew! No major work required!

So I thought I'd catch you all up on my Tumbler Leader and Ender progress. It stalled for a while and I needed to cut a load more tumblers, but there was so much going on in the house with Spring cleaning and Konmari-ing, that it got pushed to one side.

But then I made an effort and had a pleasant afternoon or two of sewing at the machine. It was a pleasure. To just sit there, listening to the Youtube broadcast of Bonnie Hunter's latest Quiltcam episode, sewing away. It makes you feel like you're sat in a quilting group, listening to Bonnie chat about things and showing everyone's else's current projects on her phone. You know you're all working away at the same time and it's just really wonderful and therapeutic. I love it when I see there's been another Quiltcam.

If there isn't one, I'll sit and listen to a podcast or catch up on my latest Audiobook from Audible. I like to have something to listen to. Seeing as I'm in my sewing room on my own. It's not often that I'll sit in silence with my own thoughts. What do you like to do when you're sewing? Do you prefer silence? Do you play music? Or do you do what I do? I'd love to hear it and if you know of any great podcast you can recommend, then please do!

Happy sewing!

Louisa xxx

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sewing Machine Struggles

So last week, I started more work on my Tumbler Leaders and Enders project. It started off well. I got about five more rows done and attached to the main piece, but then I noticed one of the seams had started to come undone.

No biggie, probably the bobbin ran out, right?

The top stitch was fine, but the stitch underneath, on the back of the fabric, was all loopy and loose. I rethreaded my machine, top and bottom and started again.

Same problem.

I cleaned and defluffed the machine.

Same problem.

I oiled the machine and reset the tension.

Same problem.

I rethreaded again and switched the machine on and off.

Same problem.

So! Am mightily annoyed. Am going to leave it overnight and check on it again later and if it still doesn't work, then I'm going to have to get it checked.

It's very annoying. I want to sew, and I can't. Did think about hand sewing for a bit, but I've got another book to write on my contract and so that has to come first.