Thursday, 24 March 2016


Over five thousand views! Can you believe it? More than 5000 people have found and read my blog! Little old me!


I'm so thrilled, so can I just say thank you to everyone, whether you came here by mistake, or on purpose! I thank you for checking out my blog, lots of you are repeat visitors, so that's good, I must be doing something right and the stats are interesting, too, truly having a global reach from here in the UK, to Guatemala, Lithuania, Russia, Canada, Malta, New Zealand, Romania, Germany, France, Finland and many more!

So, back to quilty stuff!

I've had a mother fabric delivery for my Lucy Boston Patchwork of The Crosses Block of the Month club. You can see them below. They're all Liberty fabrics and they really are gorgeous. If you ever get the chance to peruse a Liberty fabric collection, then please do so. I've got the first block all thread basted and ready to go.

I didn't make it to sewing group last night, as I wasn't feeling very well, but hopefully I will make it next time.

In the meantime, this is the Apple Pie that my son made at school in Food Tech class. 

It was very yummy! Or so I've been reliably informed. I couldn't eat it, because it wasn't gluten free. Never mind. He's promised to make me a GF version during the Easter hols. Kids had their last day at school today for two weeks.

So, Have  a great Easter everyone!

Stay safe, be kind to everyone you meet. You never know what sort of day someone else is having and that one smile from you, or helpful word, can make all the difference in somebody's day.

Happy sewing!

Louisa xxx

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