Friday, 5 February 2016

Achieving Perfect Flying Geese Units

Craftsy usually do a free Block of the Month class and this year is no exception. The 2016 class is '2016 Block of The Month with Lynette Jensen'

For the February class, I learnt something that has been bothering me for ages and that is how to achieve a perfect Flying Geese (FG) unit.

Before, my FG units had always been, shall we say, hit and miss. Some would come out wonderfully, but the majority would usually be too small, or the points would get cut off or the fabric wouldn't fold right, there wouldn't be enough to cover the corners, etc. 

It was maddening! I really didn't know what I was doing wrong! I would be so careful with my measuring and cutting, but I would sew those units and end up unpicking them, time and time again, or even just giving up and staying away from quilt patterns that had FG. Which was difficult! Because a lot of the patterns I did like, had them!

And watching Lynette's class showed me where I had been going wrong and I therefore had my lightbulb moment! I had to get to my machine and test it out and bingo, perfect FG!

My problem? Eyeballing the seam.

I honestly thought I could sew a straight line of stitching when you have to sew that wing on and sew diagonally across the fabric. It wasn't far. Just across a square. A straight line. How hard could that be?


Lynette advises drawing that diagonal line across the backs of your squares. Do it with a pencil. 

Nothing that will show through. Nothing with a thick nib, like a Sharpie. And then -and this is the magic bit- sew just a thread outside of that line, on the side that the corner is that will be trimmed down. And press, before you add the next 'wing'.

Hallelujah! (*cue angelic chorus*)

Perfect Flying Geese every time!

There's even plenty of seam allowance so that you don't cut off the corners with a quarter inch seam.

You have no idea how much this means to me! A whole new world of quilts has opened up, all because I thought I could sew a straight line, but I can't. I need to draw my line. I need to sew a thread's width outside of it. I need to press and then and only then, will I achieve what I have been trying to achieve for years!

So Thank You Lynette Jensen and Thank you Craftsy.

You have my undying gratitude forever more.

Louisa xxx

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