Friday, 8 January 2016

Trail Mix Diamonds and Blades

These are some of the diamond pieces I have cut so far for the Trail Mix quilt. 118 diamonds, of 176 required! Not too many left to do! And when I have done those, I will need to make panels of four strips and cut triangles. 96 of those babies.

I've tried to get in a good mix of fabrics. There are traditional ones in there, mixed with batiks, as suggested by Edyta Sitar in her Craftsy class. And I know how to cut the diamonds now, so that the leftover triangles can be sewed together with an extra strip, so that another diamond can be made from the offcuts. I'm getting 11 diamonds from one strippy panel, which I think, is very good.

This is the template I am using to cut the diamonds.
I had to order it from Edyta's site, Laundry Basket Quilts. It comes with the triangle template that you need too and wasn't expensive, even though it had to be shipped from America. And though the template is meant for this quilt only, I can see that I will use the template for other designs, too.

All this cutting though, meant that my rotary blade was dulling. I had to keep going over the same spots to cut the fabric, or press down really hard and so I ordered some more. Normally, I stick to the brand of blade that matches my cutter, but I saw a two pack of blade that was on offer on eBay, for a much reduced price and they were advertised as a universal fitting blade, so I ordered them to give them a try. Am very pleased so far. But time will tell to see how long they cut well for.
Anyway, happy quilting everyone! I hope that your current projects are going well, that your seam ripper is remaining unused and that all your pieces come together perfectly.

Louisa xxx

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