Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year, New Quilts!

Wow! It's been a long time since I last posted. I must apologise. But life and all its little problems and concerns got in the way. Plus there was six family birthdays, Christmas (with all its parties and organisation) and then New Years....

Plus I was ill with costochondritis, which was very painful and lasted more than the 10 days my doctor said it would (try six weeks!)

Anyhoo! Back to quilting. I did lose my mojo with it. The longer I stayed away, the more I forgot why I loved it. Then there was one day over the holidays where there was nothing on the television, everyone was in their rooms and I was sat downstairs with nothing to do. Ah-hah! I'd tidy my quilting room!

Once tidied (finding some lovely fabrics I'd forgotten I'd got along the way) my mojo swiftly returned.

Prior to the big quilt-turn-off, I'd bought some fabric to start Edyta Sitar's quilt, Trail Mix, from her Craftsy class, 'Mix and Match Inspired Scrappy Quilting'.

So I made a start on creating the twelve strip panels (each strip is an inch and a quarter), sewn together, which you then cut diamonds from. Each strip panel gives you about 7-10 panels (if you use the offcuts, too) and I've now done 61 diamonds.

I need 176. Eek!

But I'll get there (my mojo is back!) and I've spent a good happy hour today, browsing Pinterest and saving things to my boards, for inspiration. I'm looking forward to my sewing group starting back up after the Christmas break and though I now have a cold threatening (thank you, hubby!) nothing is going to stop me now!

Quilty resolution? Finish the Trail Mix quilt. Do one quilt for charity, through the Love Quilts UK group (I've already made 2) and finish off at least UFO. progress with my hand sewing in the car and try to get more of Passacaglia done.

What about you guys? Any quilty resolutions? Any projects urging you to get them finished? Or have YOU lost your quilty mojo?

Let me know.

Love to all, Louisa xxx

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