Thursday, 1 October 2015

Spool quilt and Leader & Ender progress!

The spool quilt is coming along nicely, eight spools to a row, three rows completed. My attempt at trying it Bonnie Hunter's way, didn't work out! I totally forgot that the half square triangles I would have to cut, would have to be bigger than my finished size required and I cut out a load of fabric and of course, it all came out smaller than was needed! Aargh! I should have read the instructions, but hey ho, they got put in a plastic tub for another project and I went back to my 'old' way.

My Leader and Ender challenge is coming along. Those tumblers really do grow quickly! Four rows so far!

These ones are two and a half inch tumblers and I have 37 tumblers in each row. It's amazing how somehow, despite mixing them up, I still manage to get the same tumblers next to each other when I join the rows. See those lime green ones at the front? I did that so many times without realising. It's weird, how your brain works when you're trying to be random and spontaneous with your colour choices.

All of these tumblers sewn, though, means more tumblers need to be cut, so I'll have a cutting session tonight. I have a doctors appointment later on, so once I'm back from that and have cooked everyone's dinner, the dining room table will be cleared and out will come the fabrics, the cutting mat and rotary blade!

Got a new book today:

It's really fabulous. Has some great patterns in and I've already spotted one I want to do, or could be achieved through a Leader & Ender project, as it's all squares or half square triangles, that are then set on point. It would grow so quickly...Yum! So many ideas! So many quilts I want to do!

It's difficult choosing which one to focus on. The Passacaglia is growing slowly, but I only get 10 minutes a day on it, whilst I'm waiting in the car for the kids to come out of school, so quite often, only get one or two pieces sewn. I could go earlier, I supposed, but that would mean sitting in a hot car, because, yes, somehow, even though its the first of OCTOBER, the sun has returned to the UK over the last few days. Big surprise!

Right. Back to the writing now. Am currently writing book 5 for Harlequin Mills and Boon Medical and this one's like pulling teeth - difficult, bloody and there's lots of tears - MINE!

Happy sewing everyone,

Louisa xx

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