Friday, 25 September 2015

Spools, A Pouch, A Book and Bonus Triangles!

I got my copy of Bonnie Hunter's More Adventures with Leaders and Enders! Trying to get a paperback copy of this book was RIDICULOUS! On Amazon, you could get an ebook version for about £6.54, but the CHEAPEST paperback version was selling for £999! (Yes, you read that right!) I even headed on over to eBay and found a copy on sale for £4000!

I kind of resigned myself to never getting a copy, or scouring charity shops or car boot sales and keeping an eagle eye out for it and in the meantime I bought myself a quilty magazine. On the back page, was an advert for and they had physical, paperback copies for under £20. Much better!

And it was worth the wait! Such great patterns in there, including a Spool quilt and an easy way to construct the spools, which is much better than the way I was doing it, so will change immediately! Talking of spool quilts, I've completed 18 spools so far. 

I ran out of neutrals and so had to wait, but I'm okay now. Whilst cutting the spools, I've been creating these bonus triangle scraps, which I'm saving and hope to use in a future leaders and enders project.

This last wednesday was the monthly meeting of Island Piecemakers and we were having a project evening to make a Christmas gift bag/pouch, small enough to hang on the tree/hold a Ferrero Rocher/work perfectly for an advent project. Our resident 'star' Lou Starr shared with us her design and soon we were all beavering away on our bags and chatting and enjoying sewing together. I didn't get to finish on the evening, but I put in an extra half hour today and got it done.

Later tonight, I'm going to start back on the spools and do it the Bonnie Hunter way. Can't believe I didn't suss this way out for myself, but never mind!

Happy sewing everyone!

Louisa xxx

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