Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Start of A New Project!

La Passacaglia! Ta-da!

I love starting a new project. All that planning, all that preparation. And with La passacaglia, a project that screams at you to fussy cut, you just know you have to start with great fabrics. Don't get me wrong, you can start with whatever you have, whatever is in your fabric stash, someone's old cut up shirts, if you want, but for me, I really wanted to start with great colours and great patterns and most people in my family tend to wear plain neutrals, so i had to buy in some fabric to get started!

My first choice was the fabrics I showed you in my last post. Once I'd cut out my templates, I needed to decide where I was going to start fussy cutting. Having see-through templates is good here, because then you can see what cuts you're making and what the potential pattern will be.

There's the potential for some waste with fussy cutting, but if you're careful and only cut the pieces you need, you can still get a lot of use out of the left over fabric. The first five diamonds created this beautiful shape:

 Isn't it pretty? Perfect fussy cutting and my first attempt, so i was really pleased with it. I didn't use paper piecing, but traced and drew out from my template for each piece, so the lines and cross hatching were on the back for me to mark up my seams and points. Again, this was my first attempt at doing this type of sewing, but it was very therapeutic and calming. 

Next, I cut out the five smaller, thinner diamond shapes from a plain, pale blue, so that the patterned pieces would pop.
 Then I needed another patterned fabric for the next round of pentagons and used my Daysail fabric. It was very fiddly, required lots of concentration, but I soon got the hang of it and ended up with this:
 I was loving it thus far! Again, I'd used fussy cutting and I was so close to finishing Rosette 1. Next I had to create ten 'stars', so I cut out the fabrics, using fabrics from my stash, in the same colour arc and created a long string of stars which I then attached to my cog to complete the rosette. What do you think?
I'm so pleased with the result! I pressed with my iron as much as I could, doing the front and back, as obviously, there are a lot of seams there and there's the potential for it to get lumpy, so pressed where the fabric naturally wanted to go.

Since this point, I've ordered some purple fabrics to start my next rosette. This one will be much bigger than Rosette 1 and will be one of the main cogs, so I chose purple as my theme, as it's my favourite colour.

So, let me know what you think. What challenges have you completed lately? Have you tried a new technique?

Louisa x

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