Saturday, 14 February 2015

White Diamonds

So this is finished. I've called it, White Diamonds. For a first quilt to hand quilt, I think I was quite brave in my choice.

1) it was a big project
2) it was a pieced top

Pieced tops, especially ones like this, with lots of small pieces and lots of seams, provided quite a challenge. Learning to hand quilt is hard enough. Learning to hand quilt OVER seams is another. That was tough. It made me realise that I adore hand quilting, but I don't like going over seams.


I won't handquilt another PIECED top, but I will do whole cloths and I will do fabric panels.

At Christmas, I bought two Christmas fabric panels from my quilting group's visiting shop and they're both perfect candidates for hand quilting. I've made a start on one, but I've got no pictures of that, so will show you next time what I'm doing.

In the meantime, Happy Valentines Day!

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