Monday, 23 February 2015

I've broken my lightbox......

Oops! I got out my light box to help me trace a pattern onto a whole cloth and the bulb had stopped working. So I asked my hubby if he could get me a replacement bulb, which he did.

I was merrily working away, tracing my pattern when I noticed that it all felt rather hot. Burning hot. But stupidly I carried on and before I knew it, my pencil went into my fabric and found the large dip/hole that the bulb had created through the plastic!

Hubby had given me a sixty watt bulb instead of a fifteen watt!

I now need a new light box.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

So this is the latest project, a Christmas wall-hanging that I bought at the local sewing group's Christmas shop.

I bought two panels, but this one I thought would make for a great hand quilted project. As you can see, the picture blocks are interspersed with log-cabin style blocks, which are great for that 'stitch in the ditch' look. In the picture blocks, I'm going over the main features, such as Santa, the reindeer, the tree, etc.

Here's a close-up:
When the hand quilting is done, I will sew on embellishments - beads for the holly berries, bows for the teddy bear's necks, etc.

Really enjoying this project and its nearly finished!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

White Diamonds

So this is finished. I've called it, White Diamonds. For a first quilt to hand quilt, I think I was quite brave in my choice.

1) it was a big project
2) it was a pieced top

Pieced tops, especially ones like this, with lots of small pieces and lots of seams, provided quite a challenge. Learning to hand quilt is hard enough. Learning to hand quilt OVER seams is another. That was tough. It made me realise that I adore hand quilting, but I don't like going over seams.


I won't handquilt another PIECED top, but I will do whole cloths and I will do fabric panels.

At Christmas, I bought two Christmas fabric panels from my quilting group's visiting shop and they're both perfect candidates for hand quilting. I've made a start on one, but I've got no pictures of that, so will show you next time what I'm doing.

In the meantime, Happy Valentines Day!