Saturday, 10 January 2015

Already Sew Much To Do...

Well, it's the New Year and already there seems so much that I want to do!

I received some lovely presents at Christmas, including new rulers, new quilty books and some new fabrics!

I received a beautiful fun jelly roll, a charm pack called Native Sun by Abi Hall for Moda. The books were Jelly Roll Quilts and More by Kimberley Einmo, Welcome To The North Pole, Santas Village in Applique by Piece o Cake designs, 3 Times a Charm and Quilted Skinnies.

The Skinnies gives you a skinny quilt design for throughout the year, so I want to make all of those. The Santas village quilt is Applique so of course I want to do that and the Jelly Roll book has a gorgeous quilt in it called Scrappy Exuberance Diamond Chain which I'm dying to do!

So I'm actually stuck doing nothing at the moment because I can't decide what to do!

Instead, yesterday, I sat and worked on handsewing my hexies as I listened to Quilting....For The Rest Of Us podcast. Sandy had just come back from Burma and it was fascinating listening to her tales about what it was like over there and the fabrics and textiles. I'll listen to part two today and decide on my quilty resolutions.

I also got a Fitbit at Christmas, so I am now slave to a bracelet that counts my steps. This is good for me, as I don't get out much, due to my MAV, because I never know when an attack of vertigo might hit and it's embarrassing and terrifying for it to happen in public. So I just tend to walk my dogs twice a day and then potter about my house, though one day I managed nearly 7k so I was very happy with that.

Also, my first book with Mills and Boon was released on January 1st so I was busy with that. If you want to read a copy, you can buy it from Amazon or Mills and Boon. It's called The Baby That Changed Her Life. If you do read a copy, let me know what you think!

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