Thursday, 13 November 2014

Needleturn and Smooth Curves

I've finished the first block of my Baltimore Album Quilt. Here it is:

I am happy with it, but I did run into a few problems that I need people's help with.

First I had to use needleturn applique, a technique I'd never used for. This happened because I forgot to trace reversed images, so my freezer paper pieces were on the wrong side of the fabric and I wasn't prepared to waste the fabric by having to recut! So I used white marker to trace around the freezer paper pieces and used needleturn, instead of pre-hand basting the pieces.

The stems were no problem. I cut them on the bias and turning them under with the needle worked well because the curves in them were so long and so gentle. But the other pieces, some of the leaves, the flower heads and the vase were all difficult, because no matter how often I turned under the fabric, I would get pointy bits on my curves that wouldn't flatten out.

The reverse applique was okay, though the yellow vase fabric showed through the green stems underneath, so I'll need to add some interfacing or something to stop that happening on other vases.

Does anyone know of any good YouTube videos or blogs that show how to do tight inner and curves with needleturn?

The only videos I can find use hearts to demo and I can do hearts by pre-basting. Lots of videos are machine sewing or pre-basted pieces, or lovely long, slow curves. I need a video or instructions on how to do inner and outer curves that are quite tight that use needleturn.

Can anyone help?

The other thing I don't like, is that my 'invisible thread' is dark grey, so the stitches show on the yellow fabric, but not the others and I'm now waiting for some 60 weight thread in matching colours to arrive.

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