Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas is coming!

So my husband asked me a very silly question this morning..."What do you want for Christmas?"

Sewing things!

There is so much I don't have! For instance, I've been doing this quilting lark for nearly two years now and only ever used a six and a half inch square ruler!

So, seeing as he asked, lol, I've suggested a six by twenty four ruler, a twelve and a half inch square ruler and a jelly roll ruler. Oh and a EZ Flying Geese ruler.

I've wanted (needed) these rulers for ages, but never got them. Cutting long lengths of fabric has always been slightly haphazard with my lowly six and a half inch ruler, but I always, somehow, made it work. Squaring blocks has also been temperamental.

But the best thing about this hobby, is that there is always something you can buy a quilter. 

Craftsy were having a Black Friday Sale, so I also treated myself to a new class. Magical Jelly Roll Quilts with Kimberley Einmo.

I love a jelly roll! They're so pretty, but I'm always unsure of what to do with them, apart from a jelly roll race quilt. So if any of you guys have a favourite pattern to utilise a jelly roll then do let me know!

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