Friday, 24 October 2014

The Great BritishSewing Bee (Part Two)

The second episode was last night. Sara Cox, DJ, was presenting and the guests were Pam Ferris (Call The Midwife), Gaby Roslin (lottery show presenter apparently), Louie Spence (Pineapple Dance Studio Owner) and Mark Watson (comedian).

For the first challenge, they had to make some pyjama bottoms with a drawstring waist. The design was chosen as it only had two pieces of fabric, so was considered easy for the celebrities, none of whom had sewed before, with the exception of Pam who mentioned she'd done it 40 years ago, but she'd not seen her sewing machine since.

Well it became very obvious that sewers, like elephants, don't forget! Pam was amazing! She made a gorgeous pair of pyjamas using a child's dinosaur print. Louie, despite his frantic, over-the-top I-will-react-to-every-innuendo-i-can approach, made a very neat and sedate (for him) pair of navy pyjamas. Gaby went for a silver glitter ball effect fabric for her PJs and Mark? Well....Mark used a red fabric and was the only one who couldn't put these two bits of fabric together despite the two hour time limit. The PJs he presented wee very sad to behold, but at least he tried and Patrick and May, the judges, were very sympathetic and kind, suggesting he was using a Vivienne Westwood approach.

For the second task, they had to make over a child's onesie into an animal outfit. They all set about this task with huge enthusiasm, though Louie list it half way through and his ladybird outfit suddenly got hacked into and he decided to make it into a leotard instead.

Mark went for a zebra fish, but decided that sewing wasn't his thing, so he wrote a poem instead! Gaby made some weird reptile/dragon cross over with pretty eyelashes and Pam excelled herself yet again with a rooster outfit.

For the final challenge, they were asked to make a skirt that conveyed something personal from childhood.

Gaby made over an old tablecloth and appliquer bits onto it to celebrate her favourite story of Alice In Wonderland. Mark made a nude look skirt with a pair of red spotted pants on top aka Superman, being influenced by his favourite story of the Emperors New Clothes. Louie made a ra-ra skirt, simply because he'd always wanted one and Pam? Pam excelled yet again with a gorgeous skirt that the silhouette of the London skyline on it, from Peter Pan.

Pam won, obviously and I would love to see anything more that she makes. If she hadn't become an actress, I wonder if she would have become anything special in the design world? She was amazing. Amazing actress, amazing sewist, amazing lady.

Great second episode!

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