Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Great British Sewing Bee

Here in the UK, we have a programme on BBC One, called The Great British Sewing Bee. It's presented by Claudia Winkleman and two specialists, a May Martin from the Women's Institute and a Savile Row tailor called Patrick Grant.

Sewers compete each week to sew three items. The first item is a piece of clothing selected by May and Patrick, say, a woman's blouse. They then have to choose a fabric from a vast selection and choose from the haberdashery as to how they might want to add to the pattern.

The second challenge is the sewers are given an item of clothing, like a mans shirt and they then have to change it to something, like a child's outfit.

The third challenge is usually the longest, about five hours, and they have to create a dress for evening, or a suit, or something that needs a lot of work!

The series of sewing bee hits us once a year and even though they don't cover quilts or patchwork, they just stick to clothes, it's a really lovely show.

We also have Children in Need in the UK, who's mascot is Pudsey Bear. Children in Need is a charity event held each year on television where they raise money for children.

These two programmes have been combined this year and there are three special programmes of Sewing Bee this week. The first was on last night.

The celebrity sewers were Edith Bowman, a DJ, Wendi Petersen, a soap actress, Dave Myers, a celebrity chef, and Dr Dawn Harper, a TV doctor. I really hoped that they wouldn't mess about and they would try their hardest and they did! All items made in the celebrity Sewing Bee are to be auctioned off, so everyone tried very hard.

I was very impressed by their efforts. Dawn definitely won the first round, I thought Dave ought to have won the second round and I really hoped Wendi or Dawn would win the third with their stunning retro dresses!

Wendi won with a 1950's inspired dark green dress and she was thrilled. It was good to hear the celebrities enjoyed their times behind the sewing machines, something they'd never done before.

The next two programmes are on Thursday and Friday, so I hope to report back on those too!

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