Wednesday, 1 October 2014


For the first time in a year of quilting of sewing, I did something yesterday that I never thought I'd do.

I snapped the needle in my sewing machine.

It was all my fault! Instead of having the multipurpose foot on my machine that it arrived with, I'd got on my quarter inch foot. Then stupidly decided to do a blanket stitch without thinking.


So then I had to go in search of the needle packs I knew the machine had when I bought it. Where had I put them? The tub where I store my fabrics? Hmm, so I dug everything out, prompting a sort out of my stash, only to discover the needles weren't in there.

Hmm. Where oh where...ah, yes, in the small storage compartment. Of course. Only to discover that I had five different packs and had no ideas of what a standard needle was.

I worked it out through a process of elimination, but it's made me realise how sadly lacking my needle knowledge is.

I am determined to enlighten myself. Anyone know an easy way?

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