Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sewing Room Spider

It's Autumn here in the UK, so it's spider season. Wherever you look, there's a spider. They're on my car, IN my car, all over the house, in the garden, spanning pathways, in the house, in places you don't expect!

But there was one place that I thought was safe, but I was wrong.

My sewing room!

This is my sewing room spider.

He's rather large and he appeared one evening as I was using the window as a light box. Imagine my squeals when I noticed he was there (I have real bad arachnophobia) I mean, look at the size of his fangs!

And he is common garden spider. But apparently, according to the helpful BBC news website, the South of England is being invaded by tube spiders and false widows. False widows look like black widows and can give you a nasty bite, but tube spiders hurt. People have lost hands to a tube spider bite. They're much bigger and much more scary.

I haven't seen a tube spider yet, though there are false widows living in our garden shed (a place I never go!)

Thankfully, there's nothing else in my sewing room. But I do have to put up with the eight-legged one staring at me like I'm lunch each time I use the window.

So what about anyone else? Do you have a visitor in your sewing room?

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