Friday, 10 October 2014

Love Quilts UK (Part 2)

So, I mentioned in my video log a couple of posts back, that I was going to be working on a charity quilt for Love Quilts UK.

I'm nearly done! I've just got to handsew the binding, which I live to do, as islets me switch on my quilting podcasts and listen to those as I sew.

I had a few problems with the quilt as I was putting it together. I used 3" strips in between blocks and 3" squares in a darker pink where all the strips met. That worked fine and I expected it to. If you cut accurately, these things should go together without a problem.

My problem came when I had to do the outer border in princess fabric. I needed two long strips and the two shorter strips for top and bottom. Only when I measured the fabric, it was too short and too narrow to cut them all in a single piece! So I had to put two pieces together. But due to the nature of the fabric pattern, it's wide spacing, to allow the pattern to flow, I had to do a lot of pasting and cutting, so much so, when it came to the last piece, I didn't have enough fabric for the "flow".

Hate it when that happens. There was no more of the princess fabric, so I had to use pieces that wouldn't match up with the pattern. I did the best I could and the quilt still looks great, I'm just annoyed that I know there's a fault in it.

I know Emily won't notice (the little girl for whom the quilt is being made) but I'LL know it's there!

Then I had to make the quilt sandwich, which I spray basted for the first time and that worked well, but I really dislike the wadding that they use. It's lumpy and bumpy and you can't always get a flat quilt, like you would if you used Heirloom wadding, but hey, ho, it's a charity and so i can understand why they'd rather not spend precious money on expensive wadding.

So there we go. It's nearly done. Pretty in Pink. I hope Emily loves it and that it brings her comfort, wherever she may go.

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