Monday, 6 October 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Typical UK weather here today. Gale force winds whipping round the house, battering the trees and torrential rain hammering down.

Welcome Autumn.

A friend of mine said it was good sewing weather. What do you think? Are you a fair-weather sewer? Preferring to sit out in the garden doing a spot of hand-sewing? Or do you like to be tucked up warm inside with your machine and getting on with projects whilst the weather is atrocious?

I'm a bit of both I have to say. All weather is sewing weather!

I've been busy this weekend doing the quilt top for my Love Quilts UK quilt for the beautiful Emily. I've pieced all the squares together and added sashing. It was only when it was put together did I realise the border fabric would have to be made up of pieces sewn together to make the long strip, then because of the wide pattern on it, I had to be really selective over which strips I cut, so that the pattern matched and flowed. Never had that problem before. Now I've just waiting for my batting to arrive, so I can make the quilt sandwich.

The last two quilts I've put together, I've used 505 basting spray instead of pins and I may be late to the party, but the spray is brilliant! So quick and easy to do. I didn't mind pinning, but it usually got me all sweaty and bothered as I had to keep crawling over the floor to do it properly.

505 may be expensive (at £6.99 per 250ml) but it's worth every penny.

I've also been busy hand-sewing some hexies whilst I sit in the car waiting for my kids to come out of school and so that's steadily growing. It's about as big as the front car seat, so far, so I'm happy with that little project. Everyone at school is used to seeing me sitting there sewing and I usually get left undisturbed which is good!

And nearly a thousand views of my blog! Thank you so much everyone!

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