Saturday, 25 October 2014

Great British Sewing Bee (Part 3)

Episode 3 was a bit of a letdown. Regarding celebrities whom I'd never heard of before. Well, two of them anyway.

Our host for the evening was Anita Rani (???) the two celebs I DID know were Timmy Matley, (lead singer of The Overtones) and Helen Lederer (comedienne) the other 'celebrities' were Gemma Cairney (Radio 1 DJ ???) and Kathryn Flett (apparently some sort of critic???)

The first challenge was to make a man's tee shirt. Timmy and Kathryn did quite well, Helen had a good attempt, whereas Gemma's was a little sad looking. She made a much better headscarf which she wrapped her own hair in half way through.

The second challenge was to take a prom dress and make it into an outfit for someone else. Gemma did nothing to the dress. All she did was find some African print fabric she liked in the haberdashery and wrapped it over the top (for 2 hours?) Helen added some pink netting over the navy blue skirt and cut into it and made some attempt at changing the dress below. Kathryn made a gusset in her dress skirt and attempted some strange bunny outfit short pants combo and Timmy added a swathe of fabric to the bodice of his dress and won the second challenge too!

For the final challenge, they had to make an outfit from their childhood. Gemma told us she'd once worn this dodgy hat as a child, so inspired by that she was going to make a cape. Kathryn also made a cape that was inspired by red riding hood. Helen made a delicate little girls party dress that was very pretty and Timmy made the Michael Jackson Thriller jacket out of pleather.

Once again, Timmy's outfit was judged the best and he won the show.

It's been an interesting show with celebrities and right at the start of episode 3 as they introduced us to Anita Rani, we got a sweeping shot of the area where the sewers do their stuff. The carpet was in a shocking state. Lumps and bumps in it all over the place as if it had only been rolled into position and not stuck down. I'm amazed health and safety didn't have a field day with that!

I love the Great British Sewing Bee. Can't wait for it to come back to our screens. And, as ever, I yearn for the day when they will make something else apart from clothes.

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