Thursday, 30 October 2014

Baltimore Album

It's nearly Halloween and my youngest wants us to recreate this in our front yard.

So, I'll be busy carving pumpkins, whilst I wait for my book on Baltimore Album quilts to arrive.

I lurve Baltimore Album quilts and I'd love to sew one. As I love hand sewing and doing applique, I figure this will be a labour of love. I've bought some size 9 sharps needles and tested them out. They're fine enough to sew with and easy to thread, without leaving holes behind in the fabric. I've got a beautiful mixed blue jelly roll, because I want to do a Baltimore Album in blue and white, similar to this one below:

...and I've bought some special thread. 60 weight, so it's really fine and 3 ply so it's strong. Again, I've tested it and you really can't see those invisible stitches.

I'm hoping to try to design some of the blocks. The ones I've come up with so far are just nice designs, using hearts, vines, leaves and circles, but I've read that each 'album' is meant to signify something, so if I wanted to do, say, a Hayling Album quilt, I could use boats, or maybe oysters because of the old oyster beds, or maybe a house to represent the old brick-making industry.

I can't wait to get started as there's nothing I like more than to sit in front of the TV and sew by hand.

In other news, I went to my monthly sewing group at Island Piecemakers. We had a sewing evening and we all sewed a quilt kit from Jan Holeman. Jan uses pleats and folds in the fabric to create texture in her landscapes and this was my attempt.

I'm not 100% pleased with it, but as it was my first go with a new technique, I can't complain that much!

So, have you ever worked on a Baltimore album quilt? What are your thoughts on hand-sewing?

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