Saturday, 13 September 2014

What Do You Listen To?

This question came up on Facebook the other day. What do you listen to when quilting/sewing?

I have to say, it really does depend on what I'm doing.

If it's a machine pieced quilt and I'm constantly using my Singer, then I have to say, I don't listen to anything. I need to concentrate and if I had music on in the background, then my mind would start focusing on the lyrics and singing away with them (I don't have a great singing voice!) would stop me concentrating on my work and I'd end up being best friends with my seam ripper again.

BUT! If I was handsewing, or working on something that doesn't require the machine, I have to say that I listen to podcasts.

There are two podcasts that are my absolute favourite and they both have lots of episodes, so there's plenty to listen to and the two ladies in question are frequent podcasts, so I don't run out!

The first is 'Quilting...For The Rest Of Us' by a lady named Sandy. She has a wonderful voice and chats away like she's in the same room and it's your best friend talking. It's great! There are so many things she's involved in and like me, she does Craftsy classes, too - though Sandy also does classes that are nothing to do with quilting - and you get to hear about them too.

The second is 'Katie's Quilting Corner' by a lady named Katie, obviously! Again, she has a wonderfully chatty approach and she shares her news and product reviews and WIP and also has a website where you can see pictures and get free pattern templates and examples of what she's working on, that you hear about in the podcast.

I love listening to these ladies. They're like old friends.

So tell me! What do you like listening to when you're quilting? Are you a podcaster? A music listener? Or do you prefer silence? And if you listen to podcasts, which ones? Please share!

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