Thursday, 25 September 2014

Shadow applique

                             (My 'Wisdom, Hope' crazy quilt)

Above you can see my finished Wisdom, Hope crazy quilt, which is going by the front door. It looks great, I'm so thrilled with it. I've not thought to take any close up pics, so you can see the detail of the hand embroidery, but it is there! When I showed my older children they were intrigued by new things they spotted each time they looked at it.

Last night, I went to Island Piecemakers, a quilting group on Hayling Island. I've been going for a few months now and they meet up once a month. It's such a busy and popular group, that I'm still on the waiting list to become an official member, but hopefully that might be soon.

Last night, they had Jane Andreoli, The Accidental Artist, as guest speaker. Jane brought numerous samples of her work in shadow applique and oh my goodness, I have come away inspired. Jane showed us how to use every scrap of fabric, so nothing need get thrown away (not that I ever do throw away fabric!) but now I have an excuse to keep even the tiniest pieces.

She mentioned she uses crystal organza to cover her pics and mentioned it was cheap and yes it is. I went on eBay last night and you can get 25m of it for £4! So I ordered some! Along with some 505 basting spray, another item I've never used before, so I'll be doing a review of that at some point.

Talking of reviews, I've been asked to review some machining products by a nice lady in America who represents one of the sewing companies I contacted, so they'll be along soon, too!

Such a great day, yesterday!

Jane showed us how we could create abstract pictures, free-flowing images, or something more constructed. She doesn't plan her pictures, or sketch them out, she just goes with the flow and really had created some amazing landscapes, especially the one she did of the Canadian mountains, it was absolutely stunning! Currently, she's having a go at portraiture.

So I have my organza or order, my basting spray and I have a big bag full of scraps. Today, I'm going to sort through them and arrange them into colours, so they'll be easier to use when my ordered items arrive.

Oh, and at the top right of this page, I've created a poll. Do take a moment to answer the question. The winning result will then feature in a future blog post!

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