Monday, 1 September 2014

Hand Sewing

So, when I'm not at home, I'm stuck in the car somewhere, waiting for someone (usually my husband who can talk for England to anyone!) then I like to do some handsewing.

I find sewing by hand very calming, even though I'm not great at it! I'm yet to master how to hide my stitches sometimes, but I'm getting better and I just tend to think of all those on view stitches as showing you all my hard work!

I have a box in the car. A very pretty pink box, with a swirly patterned lid and in it are all my oddments for handsewing!

A myriad of needles and pins, small scissors, tape, paper pieces in hexagons and diamonds, basting thread, sewing thread and hundreds of precut pieces that should keep me going for months!

I began with hexies (one inch) and sewed them together completely the wrong way! I just assumed they'd interlock and they do in one way, just not another, so that project needs unpicking and restarting. But that's okay. I'm not perfect, we all make mistakes and when I did this, I'd only been sewing again for a few weeks after a thirty year hiatus!

So instead, I started on diamonds. I love working with these and I'm making a completely hand-pieced Falling Star quilt, using a mix of black, navy and purple for the night sky and brilliant gold for the stars!

So what about you? What hand piecing have you got on the go? Are you working to a pattern or just sewing for the hell of it? Tell me what you're up to and all commenters will be in for a chance of winning a hand dyed piece of fabric (6.5 x 8.5 inches)with an inked tree on it, created by Maureen Thomas!

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