Thursday, 11 September 2014

Foundation Paper Piecing

It's been a mixed week. My Dad was down for a visit and though we managed to go out to a few places, he was more than happy to just be seated in front of the television with a cup of tea!

My MAV (migraine associated vertigo) gave me a few dizzy moments, so I found myself stuck in bed for a few hours and feeling the need for something educational, I signed up to a Craftsy class, Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing with Carol Doak.

I'd always been quite vague about FPP. I'd previously tried to do some on the blocks for my Dear Jane quilt, but because no-one had ever shown me how to do it properly, I'm bumbled along, doing what I thought was right to get the end result. Occasionally I had success, but sometimes it was just plain wrong!

So, I listened to Carol and oh my gosh. Now I know how to do it! Trim. Sew. Press. It was so easy! As long as I did all the prep, pre-cutting my pieces and labelling them, following the numbers and trim, sew, press, then it was a piece of cake! Needle tests, pinning, machine basting - it was all such a revelation! So I tried a couple out for myself in three inch blocks and though still not tip-top perfect, I'm thrilled with how they came out!

I looked on Facebook to see if there was a group or page just for FPP and there wasn't, so I've taken the liberty to start one here. I do hope you'll go take a look, Like it and maybe post a pic of your work. OR! You could post a pic here, or tell me about what FPP you've been doing!

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