Thursday, 11 September 2014

Foundation Paper Piecing (Part 2)

So last week, I received a custom order to make three large cushions for a lady in Nottingham. She wanted colours that would match her wallpaper and her new sofa.

She emailed me pictures of both and we decided on a mix of browns and creams. She also wanted some sort of connection to the sea. She'd always fancied living in a bungalow by the sea in her retirement, but that had never happened, so I could I do my best?

Of course! With a commission you really need to listen to what the customer wants. That way, when you deliver, your customer is hopefully thrilled with her product and tells all her friends.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

So! Because I'd been messing around with foundation paper piecing and the Craftsy class had covered making a Mariner's Compass, I decided to make one, putting all my newfound knowledge and skills into creating the design (I am also going to make an anchor and a ship's wheel).

And you know what? They turned out perfect! I took my time, made sure my points were sharp, that I pressed the pieces correctly and the compass was just beautiful.

I'm so thrilled with FPP and love working in that manner. I think it may just be my favourite way to quilt at the moment!

What is your favourite quilting technique and why?

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