Monday, 15 September 2014

Fabric Waste

Waste, I hear you cry? No such thing! Even the tiniest scraps can be used for something!

And yes, that's true and I have a big bag of scraps to prove it!

No, what I mean is, does it irk anyone else that when you're making a new quilt or design, the pattern asks you to cut strips at certain sizes and then when you trim, you slice off a big chunk that's not to be used? And you're left with an oddly sized piece of what used to be beautiful fabric and you can't imagine how you'll use that off-cut for something else?

It really annoys me!

Some fabrics are just so pretty and cutting them up awkwardly really gets my goat. I hate fabric wastage. Here, in the UK, you pay upward of £10 a metre for 100% cotton and in these times of austerity! I want to use all of that fabric! not waste most of it! chopping it up into unseemly shapes.

This is why I loved my brick wall design quilt. No wastage at all!

So what about you? Do you not mind? Or do you like to get the most from your fabrics?

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