Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Dear Jane

Dearest Jane Stickle...

Creator of the well-known Dear Jane quilt. I first started working on replicating your quilt over a year ago when I was new to quilting.

Yes, new to quilting. Foolishly, I decided to work in row and number order from A through to M.

Even now, all this time later, I have only done row A and the start of row B.

However, now, I am much better at quilting than when I first started and even though row A was one of the trickier rows for a beginner to start with, I made some decent attempts not really knowing what paper piecing was, or foundation paper piecing.

But I know now. And I'm better at what I do. So what I'm going to do Jane, is throw out the squares I've done so far (yes, throw them out!) because they weren't good enough. I'm going to use a colour theme in blues and whites, because I think that will look beautiful. I'm going to use the help from the Dear Jane Website and the wonderfully helpful That Quilt Website to complete my Dear Jane.

I've not put a time limit on it. But I'm going to do it properly. In your honour. Because you did it all by yourself, without help, without computers or internet help, or rotary cutters or sewing machines. (Though how you did still amazes me)

And one day......I will post it up on here for the world to see.

Love Louisa x

(Are you doing a Dear Jane? How far along are you? What have been some of your favourite blocks?)

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