Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Christmas Boxes and Craft Fairs

There are two days left of the six week break and it's busy, busy, busy here!

I have four children and three of them are at secondary school and as usual, we're doing the last minute panicking, trying to find PE kits that somehow seem to have disappeared into an elusive sports kit Bermuda Triangle.

Tomorrow will be my eldest's fifteenth birthday and I've got family coming all day, the day after, three of them go to school, one goes to the dentist for a filling and my father arrives for a weeks stay. In between all of that, I've got four articles to write, revisions to complete on Book Two and Christmas Boxes to make for my first ever Christmas Craft Fair.

I've never done a craft fair before as a seller of wares! I've always been a browser, a buyer, a wanderer between stalls. And I'm anxious to make my first one a success.

I've got some quilts as my larger items, a few bags as medium items and I'm currently making quilted Christmas boxes as some smaller items, but what else would be a good idea?

Tree ornaments? Little purses? What would be a good idea? Have you had an item that traditionally has sold well?

I'd love to get some feedback. Perhaps you could suggest prices? I don't want to undersell my product, but neither do I want to set the price too high.

Can people haggle at craft fairs or they generally buy at the ticket price?

As you can tell I'm a complete newbie. Please let me know your thoughts!

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