Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Grid Technique

So yesterday, I discovered a new technique as described by the marvellous Paula Doyle

Paula advocates a grid technique using one and a half inch squares, so that by the time you've sewn them together, they emerge as one inch squares.

Using a grid (which I didn't have, I just made sure I cut my squares perfectly) you lay your one and a half inch squares in rows onto iron on fusible interfacing, leaving a tiny gap between each square. Once ironed on and you have the sized piece you want (I did 8 rows by 10 rows) you fold your first row, right sides together and sew down it.

After that, you sew every other row, turn it upside down and then do all the rows you've missed on that vertical section. When done, you use sharp scissors to cut the interfacing down the seams so that you can iron the seams open. Then you do the same thing again crossways to the other rows.

Repeat the steps of cutting the interfacing until all your seams lay flat and then press. When you turn it over, beautifully matched squares, perfectly aligned!

I was so thrilled this worked out! I love learning a new technique and this 8 x 10 piece will to towards something special I'm making for a competition!

So why don't you tell me about a new technique that you might have learned lately? I'd love to hear about it!

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